Tara has a distinct voice in her short stories.  Slightly other-worldly, compassionate, quirky, filled with dark whimsy and often with a touch of sweet tragedy.  Peruse below for descriptions of Tara's short stories, but sorry, no public excerpts. These works are looking for their perfect home to be published!

A Chance Meeting of Me and My Soul --
A short story by Tara Meddaugh
Genre: Dark Comedy, Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction), Drama
Van is just a regular guy at a regular bar trying to pick up a regular girl, when his own soul takes him by surprise. And his soul is not very nice to him.
Inspired by Tara's monologue, Disappointing Hell.

The Day Time Changed for Dear Fredrick--
A short story by Tara Meddaugh
Genre: Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction), Quirky dark comedy, drama, romance
Fredrick thinks he has it as together as he ever will. Until he meets a girl who changes Everything: His World, Time itself, even who he is underneath his exterior flesh and bones. But does he have the guts to seize the opportunity?

And So the World Ends with a Movie --
A short story by Tara Meddaugh
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction), Dark comedy
When the world collapsed around her, Kara thought there was no reason she should be spared. But somehow she was. And here she is. Alone, miraculously managing to keep herself alive with the bare minimum of effort.  Now, as she finds she's beginning to go out of her mind, imagining she's in an apocalyptic movie herself, she must reach for the shred of sanity she has left. For the sake of the world. Or at least her audience.

Amos Guilder, a Wasp and The Luck that Changed His Life --
A short story by Tara Meddaugh
Genre: Quirky, A touch of Sci-Fi (Science-Fiction), dark comedy, drama
Amos Guilder receives the chance of a life time when he is chosen to win the most coveted prize of his post-war community.  But now that he has won it, he must withstand the social pressure and his own nerves in order to simply take the prize home with him--and hopefully keep it alive.

How the Glenning Public Library Saved And/Or Destroyed Two People --
A short story by Tara Meddaugh
Genre: Quirky, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Rebecca and Richard meet at none other than the “Off-Beat Career Path” seminar the library hosts every Wednesday night.  But even if tonight's class on “Drawing Superheroes” brings together the fate of these two people, do they really have to listen to Fate?  I mean, really?