Thy Young Blue Eyes
A screenplay about Ada Lovelace Byron, the first computer programmer...

*Recipient of a 2004 Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award
which promotes public understanding of science and technology

Ada, estranged daughter of the poet Lord Byron, is forbidden by her mother to engage in social activities, poetry and the “corrupt” world of the arts. When she meets an eccentric man with a controversial idea for an invention, she must choose between her hidden passions and the only family she has ever known.

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Brief Description, leading up to excerpt:
After Isabella discovers the infidelity of her husband, poet Lord Byron, she leaves him, refusing him the ability to have contact with her or their child, Ada. She raises Ada in isolation, forbidding her to engage in any of the “corrupt” activities of the arts and society that remind her of her former husband. Ada’s mother strictly teacher her math, what she deems the opposite of the arts, but Ada has always held a secret passion for poetry and language and has the rare gift to connect them to each other. While her mother is out gambling at the races, Ada’s grandmother arranges for her to have her first dinner in public, at the age of 17. Her dinner is at the Somerville home…